Woman Who Saved Boy From Torture Over Witchcraft Allegations, Saves Another Child (Graphic Photos)

A year after Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Loven, rescued a boy in Akwa Ibom State, she has rescued another young boy who was also accused of being a witch..

She wrote;

Today Orok and I went on a rescue mission. A boy was abandoned and left alone on the street.
We found the boy tortured all over his body but he is safe now with all of us at “Land of Hope” ❤

She then shared new photos of him cleaned up and smiling an wrote;

It’s not been easy for David Jr. after Hope started school. No one to play with in the mornings 👻👦🏿💚👦🏾
But this morning David Jr. is enjoying his nutella bread with Eli who we rescued yesterday

Incredible difference a day makes

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