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Watch Video As Woman Beat The Hell Out Of Her Husband, Breaks Bottle On His Head

Wonders shall never end! A Trinidadian woman went on rampage and assaulted her husband in public by beating him silly as people gathered to watch the unbelievable show.

The incident which happened at a home attracted the attention of many people as the woman slapped, kicked and assaulted the man…Just click on next to watch the very shocking video.

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  • kingsley iheukwumere

    d lady pass d guy oooo

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Y everybody dey condemn d wife?na love

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    I no fit shout,ds woman power uti

  • Olovo Obinna

    Sorry bro,,,u married a van dam. It is morally wrong for a Lady to do this

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      And it is morally right for a man to do it

      • Olovo Obinna

        Not at all….bible condemns both anyway

  • chika bibian

    Chai! Na that kind woman fit men wey dey beat their wife.

    • Olovo Obinna


  • vivian Ify

    The man should be ashamed of himself….your wife thy beat you

    • Olovo Obinna

      Why…..some ladies are stronger than some men na

      • vivian Ify

        Abeg na only weak men

        • Olovo Obinna

          Yea….God did not creat all men the same na

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      E good na,na only men go dey beat husband

      • vivian Ify

        No na but that man weak abeg

  • kayode akinsanya

    The man na mumu of Africa

  • First off lemme say that guy is a big ass punk, then as much as I don’t support men hitting women, women shouldn’t be hitting men either. I mean if a girl hits me a broom stick I will hit her back with thors hammer…

    • Mezzy Gilbert


  • That man na disgrace to manhood

  • WillieBravo

    God forbid this kind woman o.

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    What could have led the wife to subject the husband to such treatment.