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Unbelievable! Popular Prophet R*pes Woman While Delivering Her From Evil Spirit – See Shocking Details

A prophet has shocked people with an unbelievable act after he ended up r*ping a woman he was supposed to heal.

A domestic worker from the former Transkei, South Africa, has suffered a horrible fate.

The woman was left traumatized after allegedly being r*ped by a popular prophet who was meant to heal her.

According to Daily Sun SA, the woman (40) said the trouble started last month when she took a job as a domestic worker in the East London area.

“I worked at the house for three weeks. One day the kitchen sink was blocked and my employer asked a man she knew to fix it. As he was working on it, a snake came out and he killed it with a spade,” she said.

The woman said she started having nightmares that night.

“I kept on dreaming about a girl but I couldn’t see her face. She was dragging a doll and would jump into my bed and strangle me,” she said.

The woman said after many nights of praying, her employer suggested a prophet.

“We went to his house with her three kids. It was very dark and the man started asking me things about my past, which brought me to tears.”

She said her employer and the kids were told to leave the house and the prophet told her an ex had left an evil spirit in her life.

“He told me to find 21 rocks outside and when I came back he said I needed to take off my clothes. He then beganto touch me.

“Before I could even scream, he took out his 4-5 and stuck it in me. When he was done, I ran out screaming for help. An old couple came to my rescue and called the cops.”

Police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Hazel Mqala said a suspect was charged with rape and was out on R1 000 bail. He was due in the East London Magistrates Court next month.

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  • Kelvin Fola

    Wait ooo she even seeing it and measure 📏 it to 4-5″ wen the pastor is bringing it out lol 😁 if na true the woman really enjoy it

  • Kelvin Fola

    Thank God 😊 he has been arrested

  • Kelvin Fola

    Naawwaaoo true pastor d scares now oo

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Na so God go dey expose dem

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Fake everywhere

  • chika bibian

    Na wah o which kind pastor be that…

  • Justice Elmer

    The man is a psycho..

  • Justice Elmer

    Lwkm.. Nothing surprises Me these days

  • Justice Elmer

    Its all part of the deliverance

  • Lol very funny …which kind deliverance …chai

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    This story is funny, why didn’t she scream at the start only to start screaming after the whole thing

  • emekachilaka

    nawa o which kind life nao that pastor is de one that need deliverance

  • kayode akinsanya

    Hmmm.m…too bad from the pastor

  • Olovo Obinna

    He took out his 4-5 what bikonu??….
    Well,,this story has K-leg… will be bad if I just buy into what she is saying without prove beyond doubt…

    • Kelvin Fola

      I tire ooo

  • WillieBravo

    Me I know most of these pastors go dey use jazz aka ogume.

  • WillieBravo