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Today Is No Bra Day, Are You Aware? #nobraday

Have you heard the latest news? According to a KISS FM report published on Oct. 10, a controversial event is now just a few hours away and many are ready to celebrate.

Oct. 13 is No Bra Day, an annual “holiday” that encourages women to set the “girls” free in “support” of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

While the occasion may be liberating (and so much more comfortable) for some women, the event is not without controversy.

In fact, some find the event quite offensive. But No Bra Day helps raise awareness about a very important cause – breast cancer.15-1Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American women. Despite the many advances in cancer treatment and great progress over the years, the cause of breast cancer is still unknown.

According to the National Cancer Institute, it is estimated that more than 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and 40,000 will die.

But many do survive breast cancer. In fact, 89 percent survived five or more years after being diagnosed between 2004 and 2010.

Finding cancer early by regular self-exams and mammograms can save your life. Know the known risks and talk to your doctor about scheduling a mammogram.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month helps raise awareness and supports breast cancer research, but also honors those who have lost the fight.

Whether or not you plan to participate in No Bra Day by going braless on Oct. 13, the fight against cancer continues.

Please spread the word, walk into any health care facility for a comprehensive break examination plus encourage all the women you know not to wear a bra today. #teamfightcancer

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