SSS Releases All The Detained Judges

The State Security Service has released all the judges arrested during a nationwide sweep between Friday and Saturday, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

Sources in the agency said all the seven judges were released on self-recognition.

“They were all released on bail yesterday(Sunday) on self recognition,” one of our sources said.

“They reported this morning (Monday) and they have all gone back home. They will be coming back tomorrow. And everything went very procedurally well and civil.

“They were released on bail on self recognition based on the fact that given their standing in the society, they cannot run away. They were instructed that they should come back today by 10am.

“They did report for investigation this morning and they have gone back home. And the investigation continues and preparation to charge them to court continued.”

The source added, “Also, action was sequel to lack of cooperation by National Judicial Council. Such as refusal by the NJC to allow the affected persons to be questioned by the DSS. Investigation started some seven months ago, precisely in April 2016.”

The crackdown has continued to generate mixed reactions across the country.

More details soon…

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  • emekachilaka

    Funny 😁 country anyway good to hear that

  • WillieBravo

    Una for no release them naaa. Yeye

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Smh,if they were going to release them like ds,why d abduction,shameless people

  • chika bibian

    Ok waiting for more details

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    Okay, good to know
    Hope they come back so that the DSS will continue their investigations

  • When they were doing operation rambo didn’t they realize they were recognized in the society…all that drama ..for more insults on them

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      Na order from above

  • Olovo Obinna

    DSS just a tool on hands of politicians… Imagine,,u break through people homes unexpectedly. ,arrest them like common criminals, then today less than 42hrs u now released them base on self recognition n their position in d society… Big joke n mediocrity if u ask me

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      Dss,efcc,sss none of ds bodies re independent

      • Olovo Obinna


  • badmos

    Hope say u guys get more info from dis guys? I don’t know which law better pass between d one which was written by man and God. Rule of law ko, role of liar nii! Mcheew.