Soldier Arrested After Faking His Own Kidnapping

An army officer, Musa Lawal, who was reportedly kidnapped in Calabar last Thursday, allegedly faked his abduction. Lawal was abducted around 10am after leaving a bank along Calabar Road in the Cross River State capital by his cronies, according to a security source.

Southern City News learnt on Sunday that Lawal had allegedly arranged for his abduction to pave the way for an undisclosed illegal movement to Port Harcourt in Rivers State.
impostor-600x300In the course of investigation, it was learnt that Lawal had after his encounter with an unknown group in Port Harcourt, travelled back to Eket in Akwa Ibom State where he was eventually found in his girlfriend’s apartment by security operatives. The source said:

“He faked his own kidnap because he wanted to have some time out with a group in Port Harcourt. He had an encounter with them from investigations made. It was an illegal operation that he went for and after the operation he relocated to the girlfriend’s house in Eket.

“He was picked up in his girlfriend’s house in Eket and he is presently being detained in one of the barracks in Calabar. He has confessed that he was not actually kidnapped.

An Army Barrack resident in Calabar, Kehinde Matthew, confirmed that Lawal was on Saturday taken to his residence by security operatives for a search. He said:

“He was on a leg chain when he was escorted to his apartment in the barracks on Saturday. He was brought in by some security operatives that included military police. He wore a blue jean and black T’ shirt,”

But the Army Public Relations Officer in charge of 13 Brigade, Calabar, Capt. Kayode Owolabi, insisted that there was no case of kidnap. He said:

“Nothing like that ever took place. It is all rumour because it is not possible to abduct someone in Calabar without attracting public attention in the broad day light, let alone a soldier who is fully dressed. You must get a pass before you are allowed to travel. Whatever they are saying is not true. The man is with us,”

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  • Mezzy Gilbert

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    Awwwwh! Bad market for this soldier, he must have collected from colleagues….

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    He is funny
    He should be treated as a criminal, he is not suppose to be a soldier.

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      We are yet to know the illegal thing he went to do, don’t judge, because you fit do worse. ….

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        You talk without thinking

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          Guy, you that talk after thinking. Thanks for your thoughts. .

  • Serves em right…fool

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    The soldier must be a very bad apple

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