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See What Heartless Man Did To His Ex-Wife (Photos)

This is so sad! A 32-year-old woman is hospitalized at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital with severe facial damage after her estranged husband beat her to a pulp.

Grace Nyaguthii says the estranged husband called in at her house in South C estate in Nairobi when he heard she had lost her grandmother in Nyahururu.

The husband, Bill Okwala, came in when Nyaguthii was preparing to travel to Nyahururu for the burial.

What initially looked like a show of concern turned ugly when Okwala descended on Nyaguthii with blows and kicks, leaving her badly injured.

He disfigured her face with blows and kicks that left her sightless.Speaking from her hospital bed, Nyaguthii said this is not the first time Okwala has beaten her. They separated several years ago but he comes in to see their 10-year-old son.cch cchh cchhh

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