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See What Is Happening To Zambian Deputy Mayor Who Mistakenly Sent N-de Picture To A WhatsApp Group

The Patriotic Front has suspended its Mufulira deputy mayor and district chairlady, Beatrice Kapansa, for sending her half naked picture to a PF WhatsApp group “Sonta Epowabomba” where members discuss party mobilisation strategies and share information concerning political developments.

According to PostZambia, The newly elected deputy mayor of Mufulira and councillor for David Kaunda ward, allegedly sent the picture to the group, on Sunday, October 9, 2016. The municipal leader, who is in her late 50s, added a caption to her picture: ” JUST RELAXING IN BED.”

Following the scandal, PF Copperbelt chairman, Steven Kainga, said in an interview yesterday, that the incident was extremely embarrassing and the ruling party had distanced itself from Kapansa’s actions. “Ms Kapansa’s actions were embarrassing not only to the party but also to the women folk. So she stands suspended,” said Kaingaeej


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