See How Two Engaged Nigerian Lovers Reunited After Being Rescued On The Mediterranean Sea

Lucky and Mary had left the beaches of Libya on the same night, but they were placed in separate wooden boats by the smugglers who had promised them a safe journey to Europe. Lucky’s boat was rescued in the early hours of the morning.

Immediately, he asked the MOAS crew and the Red Cross team on board to help him find his fiancée. He had to wait for several excruciating hours before Mary’s boat was finally rescued by the Responder crew. .

Both lovers were forced to flee Nigeria at different times. For Lucky, the time came when his mother was killed and he feared that he would be targeted next. For Mary, an orphan, it was when life with her abusive uncle became too much to bear.

When the Red Cross asked Mary why she loved Lucky, she replied, “He was there when there was no hope”. Now, the couple’s hope is that they will be able to build a safe and secure life in Europe.”lucki

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