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See How Sisters Of Madonna’s Newly Adopted Malawian Twins Reacted

They are so happy..The elder sisters of the twins adopted by Madonna in Malawi have spoken of their happiness that the girls have been given a new life of luxury as they are left behind in their poverty-stricken village.

Alinefe and Tifa Mwale insist they are thrilled the four-year-old girls would get the chance to fulfill their dreams in the US with the pop superstar.

‘I am very happy for them,’ said 15-year-old Alinefe. ‘They will have a good education and they can live out their dreams. They are with someone who wants them and will love them so much. I am glad they are part of a family and they now have a mother who will love them. I want them to grow old being loved and to have people who cherish them.’
Her younger sister aged 13 said: ‘We only found out a day ago that they were in America. I do not know where that is but we are happy for them. I wish them well and hope their life will be one they are content with.’

Stella and Esther Mwale are now in New York at the 58-year-old star’s luxurious £32m townhouse getting to know their new family including siblings David Banda and Mercy James, whom Madonna also adopted from Malawi.

The girls were flown to the US on a private jet after a judge ruled earlier this week that the star could legally adopt the girls and take them out of the impoverished African country.

An overjoyed Madonna posted a photo of herself holding the twins hands as she announced to her fans and the world on Instagram that she was now their proud mother.

The twins had been left in an orphanage since birth after their mother Patricia died from a loss of blood following a caesarean section delivery in August 2012.

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