See The Moment Nigerian Villagers Slaughter Huge Snake Only To Find Out It Was Pregnant With Over 100 Eggs

A snake which was thought to have swallowed an animal was slaughtered ,only for locals to realize it was pregnant with over a 100 eggs waiting to be hatched.

According to several reports, the huge snake was killed in a village in Nigeria, after they suspected it of eating a calf.

Dozens of eggs fell out of the snake’s body and were quickly snatched by the villagers who are known to eat accPic shows: Numerous eggs were found in the belly of a snake.nnLocals who killed a huge snake after suspecting of having eaten a calf because of its swollen stomach discovered it was pregnant with dozens of eggs.nnThe incident happened in Nigeria where local media said that the snake had been killed over the accusations that it had been feasting on farmers livestock.nnHowever as these images show, the snake was not overweight because of its last meal, and instead it was pregnant.nnAfter being cut open, dozens of eggs were found and removed by locals who regard them as a rare delicacy.nnOnline commentators seem to have little sympathy with the snake, with most pointing out that it was a good thing that around the hundred snakes would no longer be born.nnAlthough it was not clear what sort of snake it was, fee mistakes can produce up to 100 eggs at a given time.nn(ends)n          n

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