“I Am Scared Of Becoming A Father” – Nollywood Actor Kalu Ikeagwu Reveals

Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu has revealed his fears of fatherhood because he doesn’t want his child to grow up like him..

The British-born revealed his fears come whenever he remembers how stubborn he was as a child..kaluIn an exclusive chat with Entertainer, he said:

“Well, it is God who gives. Hmmm… I don’t want to have more than I can handle. I am a bit apprehensive about being a dad because I know what I was like as a child and how unruly I was. And in this age where there are a lot of outside forces that influence children, I am praying for the grace to be able to discipline my kids with love. So, I want as many as I can handle but I don’t want more than I can handle, let us say three kids.”

The actor, who revealed he needed just four kids, then testified to the joys of marriage saying:

“I think I went for the best,” he says, as his face melts in a wrinkle of smiles.

“When I prayed to God for my wife, I prayed for two things. I prayed that God should give me a wife who loves Him more than me and that she should be a companion to me.

“I threw away all my pre-conceived notions because, before now, I used to be very picky; she had to be very beautiful, look a certain way and all of that. Usually, I like dark-complexioned women; slim, beautiful and everything. But I just told God that, if you want to give me fat, light complexioned and whatever state she is from, I am okay with it.”

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  • Kenny D Osonwa

    Then remain single.. Who e eep.

  • WillieBravo

    It will be well sir. Just have the kids first.

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Na God hand every dey

  • emekachilaka

    may God help you bro

  • vivian Ify

    With God you can do it I believe

  • kayode akinsanya

    This man is funny sha, at least give birth first leave the rest for God

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    Being stubborn doesn’t actually mean your children will be stubborn as well………
    Oga go and marry joor

  • Olovo Obinna

    Bros u have everything @ ur disposal….put it to God when that time reach to guide u in ur journey to parenthood

  • chika bibian


    • Olovo Obinna

      The bros no get excuse

  • LOL funny man