“I Only Said Igbo Girls Are Cleaner And More Respectful” – Freeze Replies Dotun

OAP Freeze as replied CoolFM OAP Dotun after he called him out over his controversial lengthy piece…
dotun-freezeHe wrote;

Dear @do2dtun, I just saw your write up and I must say, it did come across as somewhat disrespectful. However, like you clearly pointed out, we come a long way & the respect is mutual.

Let me start first by defining a cognitive bias called the ‘Negativity bias’ Where people tend to pay more attention to bad news — and it’s not just because we’re morbid. Social scientists theorize that it’s on account of our selective attention and that, given the choice, we perceive negative news as being more important or profound.

I didn’t in anyway say Yoruba girls are dirty or disrespectful, I only said Igbo girls are cleaner & more respectful. If you didn’t have this Negativity bias against me, you probably won’t see the argument from the angle you did. If I say that Bill Gates is richer than Dangote, have I in anyway said Dangote was poor? Hell NO!

We ask for freedom of speech and democracy, but we can never achieve either, if every opinion shared is turned into a ‘hate’ statement or a ‘racial slur’.

I opened up a discussion after a post I saw on Chiekezi Dozie’s page, discussing the same thing my neighbors were arguing about all afternoon, and I asked for contributions, which I am sure you could have done a little less dramatically, but hey, I guess you were upset. In my write up, I clearly stated that my opinion is based on my university and young bachelorhood experiences. I cannot undo my past and I cannot ‘Un-live’ my experiences, if I had an opportunity to, maybe I could be of a different opinion, but you can’t unring a bell, they say.

For the sake of those who missed my initial point, here it is again, when viewing a situation, lets be objective because sometimes we bring out trouble that was never there in the first place. One love bro!
My write up; I kinda agree..especially since I am Yoruba myself…From my ‘little’ experience, gathered during my university days and early bachelorhood and with body count on both sides, (before I gave my life to Christ), I can, through my own experience, say that Igbo girls are so much cleaner, more respectful, value marriage more, less argumentative and problematic, treat husbands.

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