Revealed: Casual S’ex Boosts Confidence But Relationship S’ex Is Good For The Health – Research

A large percentage of men who indulge in casual s*x are often motivated by physical attributes of the female, says a Canadian study.

The study which involved 138 females and 62 males revealed that while women regret the casual s*x they’ve had, men regret the s*xual opportunities that elude them.

Women are believed to dwell in shame and self-blame after engaging in casual s*x but men, on the other hand, are most often gleeful.

However, another study maintains that both genders become depressed, feel used and practically lonely after such act just as some others find positive emotions afterward.

Basically, post-casual s*x feelings vary.

Zhana Vrangalova, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, New York, maintains that casual s*x improves wellbeing by boosting one’s confidence.

In a TEDx talk, she noted that a study carried out on 20,000 college students showed that only 42% of females have had an orgasm, compared to 78% of males.

This, in a way, indicates that men derive more pleasure in the act than women do.

However, s*x within relationships is said to improve cardiovascular health, boost immunity and reduce depression.

So would you rather opt for casual sex and improve your confidence or be faithful to your partner while your health is better for it?

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