What Recession! Man Reportedly Decorated Himself With Original US Dollars To Church Service In Lagos Yesterday…And This Happened (Photos)

IG user, Mrking3, who is an eyewitness, said this happened, yesterday, at a church around Lekki Phase I, Lagos State. The church held their Harvest Bazzar yesterday.

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  • kojasowo

    Make him come mushin

  • Kenny D Osonwa

    Wetin be this one… ?

  • vivian Ify

    What is he feeling like now?????

    • Kenny D Osonwa

      Ask him ooo..

  • Mitcheeeeeew .. pointless

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    That doesn’t create any meaning to people naaaaa
    He is not serious

    • Kenny D Osonwa

      So senseless..

      • Cornel Nwankwo


  • Mezzy Gilbert


  • emekachilaka

    The man is not serious at all so what is the meaning of this

  • Olovo Obinna

    Which kind useless stupid childish act be that one…..anyway,,,i no blame,,na the people wer allow am enter the church with him madness

  • WillieBravo

    So of what use is this in the house of God if not to oppress the ones that don’t have. Make the man chill abeg.

    • Olovo Obinna

      No mind am…boys for that area dull sha….