Recession: Cardiologists Raise Alarm On High Rate Of Heart-Related Diseases In Nigeria

Cardiologists in the country have raised concern over the high rate of heart related diseases, which have been linked to environmental and economic changes.

Prof. Amanda Mbakwem, President Nigerian Cardiac Society, said the effect of environmental pollution on cardiovascular disease has been established.

Prof. Mbakwem spoke yesterday at the official opening of the 45th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference held in Abuja, which ended yesterday.

There are 300 cardiologists in the country. It takes about 12 years to train a cardiologist.

She pointed out that the long term effect of the changes on children was yet to be established as changes start in-utero.

She said:

“Vascular disease has become more common among the people. Even the risk factor, like all forms of changes like hypertension, we know that a lot of changes like climate changes, economic changes and all sorts of changes are taking place and these can affect cardiovascular diseases.

“These either affect the risk factors or cause a new risk factor to emerge or an interaction between the changes and already existing risk factors.

“Look at the economic changes. People may not be able afford the kind of healthcare they need to take care of these factors. At the end of the day, people are dying.

“For instance, the effect of environmental pollution on cardiovascular disease has been established. With the advent of individualized power generation projects, blowing up of oil pipelines and increasing volume of particular matter being released into the environment daily, the insults on the cardiovascular system of the average Nigerian is better imagined.

“We cannot for now decipher the long term effect of these changes on the cardiovascular system of the children whose experience of these changes started in-utero.”

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