Pastor Chris Acquires Private Jet; Says He Has Never Touched Church Money And Set To Reconcile With Ex-Wife

Speaking through his media aide, Sunday Adeyemi, popular Lagos prophet, Dr. Chris Okafor, also known as ‘The Oracle’, has confirmed to Celeb Police that he would soon join the leagues of private jet owners in Nigeria as he plans to launch one before the end of the year 20016.

The Oracle disclosed this during the grand finale of a popular annual program in the church known as “Not My Head Not My Blood” that took place on Sunday, October 30, 2016.
pastor-chris-okafor-the-oracle-758x474At the service, pastor Chris said the Lord had instructed him never to touch church money since the inception of the church and that because he has been faithful to it, Lord has promised to bless him with more Aircraft!

He also said, his marriage issue will be settled come next year but denied that he is marrying another woman, but he is actually giving his ex-wife Bessem Okafor will have a second chance.

The 46 years old prophetical pastor confirmed that he would soon ‘reconsummate’ his marriage with his estranged wife and mother of his four children, Bessem Okafor, after separating about 4 years ago.
Adeyemi during the chat said:

“He only said it in parable that God wants to settle him, that his family issues will come to an end in 2017 not that he’s going to marry another woman as people might be thinking rather, he is going to be ‘reconsummating’ with his estranged wife and the mother of his four children. The same woman that we all know; one thing to note is that he doesn’t categorically say he’s going to remarry, he only said his family battles will end by next year, 2017 and that is talking about marriage.”

pastor-chris-1On the acquisition of a new aircraft, he said;

“He’s yet to get one but, he’s set to buy it. Although he didn’t confirm that but, the pictures you got are true. We have the pictures.

chris-okafor-jet-3From further scrutiny, it was confirmed Dr. Chris Okafor, might have been on inspection tour of the air-bird before signing the final acquisition papers and join the luxury list of Nigerian pastors with private jets.pastor-chris-okafo

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