Piers Morgan Blames Kim Kardashian For Kanye’s Sickness

While speaking on Good Morning Britain today, November 22, controversial journalist Piers Morgan threw the blame on reality star Kim Kardashian for Kanye West’s hospitalization, suggesting that she messed him up the moment she entered his life…piersHe said;

“It’s funny that a major star like this was hospitalized, taken in handcuffs and it’s dramatic [after he] cancels world tour… it would be a legitimate big story, but I can tell you just looking on Twitter, there are a lot of people saying ‘I don’t give a damn about those two anymore, I’m done with them.

“They’ve got millions and billions of people following them – but do they really care? It’s sad. I’ve met Kanye a couple of times – he’s incredibly smart, bright, different, incredibly talented guy and a brilliant musician yet he was sucked into this vortex of the Kardashian reality television and now look… he’s in a hospital in Los Angeles and he’s in a terrible state.I feel sorry for him.”

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  • vivian Ify

    Their mata

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    They would know better, that is their business

  • Kenny D Osonwa

    Seen, that’s una business. ..

  • chika bibian

    I agree with him

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Hmmmmm,me no kuku like ds piers

  • kayode akinsanya

    Hmmmm I don’t know oo

  • Olovo Obinna

    Dah…..this one heavy me for mouth…..see accusation

  • WillieBravo

    This guy na another big talkative. If he chooses to marry a reality star that made him go crazy that’s his damn business.

  • Aite seen

  • emekachilaka

    that na their wahala