Oh My!! Witness Reveal This Isn’t Seun Egbegbe’s First Time Stealing

The Seun Egbegbe saga keeps developing and all point to him actually caught stealing, meaning he gave a false statement (twice).toyin2Another Lady, who happens to be a sales girl at computer village has revealed the Ebony films boss tried robbing her some weeks ago.

According to her, Seun Egbegbe was spotted some weeks ago at @yesmobileng Ikoyi Awolowo trying to escape with S7 Edge 3 pieces, iPhone 7 2pieces, Galaxy A7 2pieces and Galaxy J7 2pieces worth N1.5million in total but his effort was broken.

The sales girl says;


According to other witnesses, this is not the first time Seun Egbegbe is doing this, actually, this is the 6th episode and others have gone smooth until now.

He reportedly went into the shop to purchase nine iPhones, (2 iPhone 7 and 7 iPhone 6 with prices ranging from 275-280 Thousand Naira). After picking up the phones, he told the sales person to follow him to his car, where he’s supposed to get the money for the phones and pay up.

On getting to his car, he rolled up his car window and drove off! We were informed that the guy who tried to stop car is presently in the hospital as he was injured by Seun Egbegbe when he was trying to drive off. The people around raised alarm and his car was pursued immediately by a bike, and obviously we know the rest of the story of how he was beaten up.

Goldmynetv then spoke with the witnesses in medical road, computer village, who confirmed that Seun was taken to Area F police station, Ikeja after the incident.

Although they were informed that Seun himself called policemen, who the witness believed was also informed about the robbery.

They came there asking to take Seun to the station, but he (the witness) refused, because he said that is the pattern that is ever applied to cases like these, and next thing you’ll see Seun Egbegbe roaming the streets of Lagos claiming “Big boy” with no sting to his name or no charges against him.

So for that reason, he insisted that the case be handled by Area F police command, where they’re sure justice will be served.seun

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