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Man Arraigned For [email protected] His Pregnant Partner After She Went Into Labour

A trial at Hull Crown Court has been told of an unnamed man who rap’ed his pregnant partner while she was in labour and crying with pain just hours before giving birth.

The woman, who had got on all fours on her bed after entering the “advanced stages” of labour when she was attacked by her partner, told the court that her partner had fallen asleep next to her but was woken up when she started having contractions at around 11.30pm.
main-silhouette-pregnantAccording to Daily Mail, jurors were told that as she got an all fours to alleviate the pain, the man told her he was “feeling horny” and started having se’x with her.

Prosecuting, Michael Greenhalgh said the alleged victim was “crying in pain” and shouting for the man to stop and after the alleged incident, he offered to run her a bath and she had their baby in hospital just hours later.

Mr Greenhalgh said:

“The defendant fell asleep but she did not. The contractions continued as did her discomfort.

“She was in bed, naked as she normally would be. In order to try and relieve the pressure and the pain of the contractions, she got onto all fours because she had been told that was a way of relieving the pain. She was in that position when the defendant woke up.

“He saw her naked on all fours and said ‘I feel horny’, to which she replied ‘are you serious?’. The defendant then got behind her and started having se’x with her.”

Mr Greenhalgh added the man did not listen to his partner’s protests.

He said:

“She made it clear to him that that was not something she wanted or something she was consenting to.

“How did she do that? Well, in the first place it was obvious, one might have thought, because she was crying in pain from the contractions, but she also told him to stop it and said to him ‘please don’t.’

“The defendant didn’t listen to that and continued having se,x with her.”

Mr Greenhalgh said when the man had finished, he then “acted as if nothing had happened”.

He added:

“He even asked if she wanted him to run a bath for her.

“Shortly after this had happened, she went to hospital and the couple’s son was born.”

The defendant has denied the pair had se’x.

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