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Italian Model Shocks Fans As She Performs Bl*wjob On Her Fans In Her Concert To Fulfil Her Promise (See Details)

An Italian glamour model, Paola Saulino, who vowed to give a blo;w job to everyone who voted ‘No’ in the referendum has revealed she is ‘a little bit tired’ after completing the first leg of her oral se;x tour.

According to Paola Saulino, the first step of her ‘Pompa’ tour (Pompa means pump in Italian), which took place in Rome, is done and with 9 cities left, she has revealed she is a little tired…One happy recipient, took to social media to defend the star by stating

‘It’s all true!’

On Facebook the model said;

‘Love you guys! I’m not kidding I just want you thank you in my personal way.’

Saulino claims her 10-city tour will finish in Palermo on January 21. And she’s making the most of her new found fame – by selling ‘Pompa Tour’ t-shirts and coffee cups at the events.

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