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Hacking Of Hilary Clinton Campaign Chief: FBI Begin Investigation

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman says the FBI is investigating Russia’s possible role in hacking his emails, a role that is being denied by a top Russian government official.

After thousands of John Podesta’s personal emails were hacked, WikiLeaks began releasing them on Friday.

Podesta told reporters Tuesday he is helping investigators find the hackers and added “it was not any coincidence” his emails were disclosed shortly after a video tape of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making vulgar remarks about women was released.

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  • chika bibian


  • Cornel Nwankwo

    Let this election come naaaaaaaaa, we can’t wait to see how it will start and end

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    This people re fighting dirty

  • Lol make dem leave my mother Russia outta this ooo

  • kayode akinsanya

    Alright, whatever

  • emekachilaka

    Ok nao

  • Olovo Obinna

    This one name western people palava

  • WillieBravo

    Okay o! I hope Russia backs off from trying to help Donald Trump because whether they like it or not he’s a titanic destined to sink and whoever is on board with him is going down too

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      Trump yeye no b small

      • WillieBravo

        The man na error.