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End Time Shocker! Residents Stunned After Chicken Starts To Crow Inside A Man’s Stomach (Video)

Residents have been given the shock of their lives after witnessing a chicken crowing from a man’s stomach.

It was pure commotion and awe recently at Khasolo village in Bungoma County in Kenya when something bizarre happened.wanjala11Residents were treated to a rare scene after sounds of a crowing cock came out of a man’s stomach.

According to Tuko, the man identified as one Mike Wanjala, allegedly stole eight chicken from a neighbour before the bizarre incident occurred.

Three days later, he started having stomach pains only to hear cockerel sounds coming from his stomach.

“I started having stomach pains and hearing sounds of a cock crowing coming out of my stomach, I was rushed to the witchdoctor for treatment,” Wanjala narrated.

The neighbour sought services of a local witch doctor, Mama Noor, after his chicken went missing, and told to wait for three days.

Wanjala’s mother was delighted after his son was successfully treated after the family parted with huge amounts of money to save Wanjala’s life.

The suspect’s father, Justus Kuloba admitted that his son was a thief, saying he had also stolen eggs, money and other things in the home.

Wanjala received a stern warning from the villagers urging him to desist from petty theft, as Mama Noor insisted of protecting the neighbours home with powerful charm.

Watch the bizarre incident below:

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  • Cornel Nwankwo

    I still don’t get it, how possible could it be that a cock crows inside someone’s stomach……….handwork of devil

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    The should go and steal more chicken naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Justice Elmer

    Imagine a fowl crowing in a person’s belle

  • Hmmm this is serious

  • Justice Elmer

    That jazz is dangerous.. Lol

    • Cornel Nwankwo

      Omo see juju oooooo
      NA why i de tell my guys for here, make dem no de carry person fowl chop

  • Justice Elmer

    I follow you chop the chicken??

  • Justice Elmer

    Nobody sent on a stealing mission

  • kayode akinsanya

    I know say he go be Kenya, Pastor TB Joshua suppose build church for that country. Their case dey pass my mouth

  • emekachilaka

    nawa o who do am this kind thing this is not ordinary

  • Olovo Obinna

    Ah…can this be true….maybe spiritual attack…wonders in kenya

  • IG: Jiafid

    The guy don teach cock chop, the cock come dey crow for him stomach

  • WillieBravo

    Even for Kenya too? I think sat na only Nigeria them dey see this kind thing o.

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Make dem do am surgery

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Hmmm juju dey for ds life ooo

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Kenya again

    • kayode akinsanya

      I tired for them oo