Comedian “EmmaOhMaGod” Releases Lovely Pre-Wedding Photos

emmaohmagod-to-marryPopular radio show host and comedian Emmanuel Edunjobi aka EmmaOhGod! is set to wed his fiancee Yetunde, who he got engaged to earlier this year on the 2nd of May..

His to be bride, Yetunde shared their love story, she said:

I met Emma on an ordinary day at work, I went to see one of my friends in another office to sort out some things when he said my name. As I arrived, Emma was there; imagine his surprise when he heard my name “Yetunde” and he said ” You are Yoruba”. My friend then said ” Yea she can speak it” he then said “speak it for me, let me hear”. I responded ‘I’m not a parrot!”.

Lol! I guess that was the beginning of our on and off relationship because his funny and playful nature gave the impression of a Naija “playboy”, which people had warned me about when I decided to move back to Nigeria. One particular day, I was ill but had to still go to the office and he sent me a message asking how I was and I tol him I wasn’t too well. He came in to my office with food and medicine and looked after me like I was his “sister”. That was when I realized he wasn’t all I thought he was. the rest they say is history yeah? We are here today becoming “TheOhemgees” in a few days and I couldn’t be happier, God has blessed me with an amazing man in Emmanuel, who loves him and loves me and he is the only man I have been able to say would do anything FOR me and I would do likewise so i can truly say we are soulmates.

See more lovely pre-wedding photos below;emmaohmagod-to-marry4emmaohmagod-to-marry6emmaohmagod-to-marry8emmaohmagod-to-marry10emmaohmagod-to-marry13

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  • Kenny D Osonwa

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    Wish them well
    Happy married life to them…………

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    Nice pics…..love her natural hair

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    Bros is drown in love….lovely shots