CCNA Jokes: The Smart Girl And Her Boyfriend Meets A Very Wise Father

A girl was with her father when she saw her boyfriend coming and this happened:

GIRL: Have you come to collect your book titled “DADDY IS AT HOME?” by Ngozi Okafor

BOY: No, I want that your hymn book called “WHERE SHOULD I WAIT FOR YOU?”

GIRL: I don’t have that one but maybe you should take the other one titled “UNDER THE MANGO TREE” by Chimamanda Adichie

BOY: Fine, but don’t forget to bring ” IN 5 MINUTES” written by James McClurkin, while coming

GIRL: I will also bring you a new one too titled”I WON’T LET YOU DOWN” by Chinua Achebe


DAD: Those books are too many, will he read them all

GIRL: Yes dad, he is very smart & intelligent

DAD: If that is d case, let me contribute to his knowledge. Give him my novel I put on the table titled “I GET BRAIN” by Shakespeare! And also the one on the dining table titled “DIE IF YOU STEP OUT” by Wole Soyinka

GIRL: Thank you Dad

She then picks her phone and calls her boyfriend

GIRL: Hello, I forgot to tell u that I will add a new book with the collections I will bring. It is titled ‘ Cancelled Appointment Femi Falana

DAD: Pls go inside and bring the Yoruba novel on my bed titled “ORI YO E’ by D.O. Fagunwa.

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    Lol…. Really cracked up mehn

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    Sharp popsy.. .

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    Ahahahahahaha! Now that is d definition of funny.

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  • Hehehehehe naso

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    Ahahahahahahahahahhaahhaahhahaha,,,,,,rib cracking jokes men