Too Bad! Man Dumped By His Girlfriend Commits Suicide By Drinking “Otapiapia”

A man in his mid-30s, identified as Godwin, weekend, brought his own life to an early end at Kabayi, Mararaba, near Abuja. Reason: His wife allegedly jilted him. His relations, friends and neighbors are still shocked by the development.

An investigation revealed that the victim, from Cross River State, lost his first wife sometimes ago and thereafter got hooked to the latest one who, he claimed, her uncaring behavior made him to drink a poisonous substance called Otapiapia, Daily Trust reports.

Findings showed that after being with the new lover for some time, things suddenly turned sour and the lady dumped him and went back to her former boyfriend.

Close sources to the victim said he became depressed with the situation and headed to the lady’s apartment and informed her that if anything happened to him, she would be held responsible.

“Initially nobody thought he was serious,” one of the man’s relations said. “Even the lady thought he was joking. But we were all shocked to hear that he drank Otapiapia.

“He was not lucky as all efforts to save him proved abortive. He was given palm oil to drink and vomit the poison but it did not work. We rushed him to a nearby hospital where the doctor and other medical workers battled unsuccessfully to save him.”

One of the residents, who spoke to the City News in confidence, expressed his surprise, saying: “Could you believe that he called many friends and relations earlier on that fateful day to inform them that he was embarking on a very far journey?

“He even visited various joints in the area before going back home later to take enough dose of Otapiapia. It’s very unfortunate. Nobody should take his or her own life under any circumstance.”

The source, said the corpse was taken to the village by some of the late man’s relations.

Commenting on the incident, a senior security agent in the area, who craved anonymity, described suicide as an abominable act and crime, warning people to shun it in their own interest.

Our reporter gathered that the incident was not reported to the police because the deceased person’s relations said there was no need to do that.

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  • Justice Elmer

    He was childish to be put lightly

  • Justice Elmer

    And also lacks sense as well

  • Justice Elmer

    This one has bad luck

  • chika bibian

    Wetin that one go tell God… Mtchewww

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    This is bad to hear, the man has gone through so many things which led him into taking such.
    I don’t blame him anyway………………

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Otapiapia still dey,abi na sniper e drink,what a painful death

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Life wry God giv u for free u go scatter am bc of woman,sorry for u

  • Olovo Obinna

    What What What decision from him….why will I kill myself over relationship issues

  • emekachilaka

    ok let him rest in peace

  • kayode akinsanya

    Na mumu you be Oga, because of woman

  • Lol…this guy really stupid oooo….when women over plenty

  • WillieBravo

    Smh. Some people don’t deserve their life in the first place, I guess that’s why they can throw it away with reckless abandon