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Too Bad! This 11 Year Old Girl Committed Suicide – See How It Happened

Dacia Reynolds, 17, was found hanging from a tree in her yard in Runaway Bay, St Ann about 1:30 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 4th. Police say that the teen is suspected to have committed suicide.

Her body was taken to the morgue for a post mortem to determine the actually cause of death and to reveal if any foul play was involved. No motives have yet been determined by the police as to why Reynolds may have taken her own life.

She was described as a promising young woman who didn’t show any signs of having problems, so her taking her own life came has a real shocker to her friends and family.

“She showed no signs of depression,” one family member said, as a group sat comforting her bereaved mother, Verona Ferguson.

The distraught mother recalled that when she left Reynolds on Tuesday morning for work, she was not anticipating a call that would inform her of her death.

“Monday we were playing inside,” Ferguson recalled. “She was always happy, friendly, and always with a smile.”

“This shake up the entire district, everybody. She had an incredibly bubbly personality. She was passionate about life. Whenever she committed to doing something she always followed through,” said Pastor Delroy Johnson, who visited the family.

“She was enjoying church on Sunday; she was smiling. She was a very good girl; she never had a frown on her face,” another family member added.

Reynolds, a past student of Ferncourt High in the parish, had only been attending her new school of Cosmetology for two weeks. She reportedly stayed home on Tuesday because of the weather associated with Hurricane Matthew.cc9 cc99

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  • Hmmm….. RIP

  • emekachilaka

    Too bad 🙅

  • Olovo Obinna

    Something must definitely be wrong .may her soil rest in peace

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    What could hv warranted her to commit suicide

  • WillieBravo

    As beautiful as she is. Smh

  • chika bibian

    Too bad

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    Talking about one year, please the girl above is more than a year old abeg

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      I was actually waiting to c d toddler,not knowing it’s a 17yr old

      • Cornel Nwankwo


  • Cornel Nwankwo

    That is so bad
    What could have led her into such actions