Arrest Of Judges: NBA Slams SSS, Declares State Of Emergency

The Nigerian Bar Association has lashed out at the State Security Service for raiding the homes of some senior judges across the country.

At a hastily organised press conference in Lagos, Saturday, the apex lawyers’ body demanded the immediate and unconditional release of the two Supreme Court judges allegedly arrested by the SSS during the raid.

“We condemn the raids in the strongest possible terms,” said Abubakar Mahmoud, president of the body.

“We are in a democratic society and we cannot accept a situation where armed, masked SSS operatives invade homes of the justices of the Supreme Court and judges of our high courts.

“This is a ploy by the executive to intimidate the judiciary and we will not accept it. The NBA will not accept it. I want to emphasise again that we’re not under military rule and we cannot accept this Gestapo style of operations.”

An overnight assault on some senior judges in six states by the SSS late Friday and early Saturday resulted in the arrest of some judges.

Officials of the SSS had told Premium Times on Saturday that the operation was ordered after months of investigation, during which the secret police established credibly that the affected judges were involved in questionable financial dealings.

At the NBA’s press conference, attended by four former presidents of the association, Mr. Mahmoud said the SSS should limit itself to its constitutional duties and responsibilities.

“We demand that President Muhammadu Buhari should call his security agencies to order as this kind of practice is not acceptable under a democratic rule,” Mr. Mahmoud said.

“If there are issues affecting judicial officers, there are established processes and procedures for handling them and we demand these constitutional processes must be obeyed.

“I have declared a state of emergency on the legal profession over the matter and I have invited past presidents and secretary generals of the association to follow up on the matter.”


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  • Cornel Nwankwo

    We don’t expect anything less than this from this set of people.
    If you like declare state of emergency on your own office……who cares….

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Maje una tok put,na democracy b ds?

  • emekachilaka

    una never see anything say baba say buhari Lol

  • True, even if they are corrupt, the approach was bad, if dss and sss where so many, why didn’t they fight militants and BH

  • chika bibian

    I dey side FG for this one.. The corruption in our judiciary is so appalling.

    • Frederick Christopher

      And is it the work of the DSS to effect arrest without even alerting or putting up notice or arrest warrant with the CJ office. This is uncalled for. We should follow the constitution. A government who can not follow constitution is not a government for the people but against the people.

  • Olovo Obinna

    Seriously its unacceptable,, Mr president tactics is no different from that of a dictator. It will only end up giving him bad image with more enemies

    • emekachilaka

      abeg don’t waste your time let him keep doing what he knows best na him time

    • Frederick Christopher

      I pray he doesn’t end up like Idi Amin and Charles Taylor cos this is the same way they started and ended up in prison or international court for allege violation of human right.

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      That is who he is

  • WillieBravo

    FG no try!!! I’m totally with the judges. If the president can start harassung judges unlawfully what’s left of the country’s law and order then? Pathetic!