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15 Year Child Bride Forced To Marry At 14, Dies In Labour From Complications During Childbirth

A 15-year-old woman who went into labor a week ago in a village in the Mutki district of Turkey, died on Oct. 13 in intensive care after she suffered a brain hemorrhage that it is believed to have stemmed from giving birth at an early age.

Derya B., who was married in a religious wedding when she was 14 years old and gave birth a week ago, died of a brain hemorrhage upon her delivery at a private hospital in Turkey.

Gynecology expert Professor M.D. Aydan Biri said the death might have been related to delivery at an early age. Dividing mothers’ deaths into direct and indirect fatalities, Biri said Derya B.’s case was one of indirect death.

He said;

“It is dangerous for a child bride to get pregnant. The mortality rate is higher in adolescent pregnancies. The risks of high blood pressure, early birth or an intervention in the birth are higher.

The pregnancies of children who have not completed their physical development and whose organs have not yet completely developed often end in death.”chil9

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  • kingsley iheukwumere

    oh no see dis beautiful lady. dat tradition should be banned

  • This religion needs to be disbanded

  • WillieBravo

    And she’s so pretty.

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    This child bride is not favorable to d girls,c how ds one died

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    And d so called husband go dey plan to marry anoda pikin

    • WillieBravo

      Them suppose flog am.

  • Olovo Obinna

    I the feel for the gal child especially in countries n region were this kind wicked act is been practice

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    Early marriage is not encouraging at all, look at how they have wasted the life of that kid…..
    This is so disheartening…
    Rest in peace.

  • emekachilaka

    Look at where she ended up her life

  • badmos

    Why will people try to engage in dis act when dey knew d media will always hav something to talk about. This is uncalled for. Well, only God knows best.

    • Olovo Obinna

      The religion is the problem and I think it should be changed

      • badmos


        • If the religion didn’t support early marriage which is “child abuse” there won’t be mortality rate in the 1st place

          • badmos

            Well, it depends on d way we understand things. Am a muslim and I know it’s not right in Islam. And d way I see d girl, she dosent look 15 and dat is y I said only God knows best.

          • Thank you for your sincerity but You can’t compare a 15 year old Turkish to a 15 year old Nigerian… besides why is your religion allowing such

          • badmos

            Guy, don’t study d people if u want to know best. Study d religion itself. If it always happen in d north, it dosent happen here in d West and there are many muslims here. It won’t help wen u keep saying what u hear and not what u see.

          • I agree with you sir, but if i am ask..(lets leave out the people)..,now bout the religion…is there a particular age stated for a girl child to get married ?

          • badmos

            This issue is very wide but will say little.

            No particular age bro but can get married whenever she is matured enough and can decide for herself.

            A man should not consummate marriage with his young bride until she is physically able to bear intercourse. This varies from one time, place and environment to another. 

            What young men and guardians of girls should do is hasten to arrange marriages, so as to guard chastity and protect honour, and so as to attain the great purposes for which Allah ordained marriage. 

            And Allah knows best.

          • I believe a girl child@ 17 and below should be thinking bout school and not marriage ,so if am to agree on the maturity aspect , you would agree with me that @most 18 and below shouldn’t be talking bout marriage…and also with all you have said it’s safe to say that Muslims in the West are more sensible than the northern ones/middle East…. Regarding marriage

          • badmos

            Aside dat, things are changing gradually so we hav to change with it but must always apply wisdom in all we do. I had a discussion with one of my muslim friend who was bothered and unable to comprehend the logic behind the marriage of Aisha (R.A.). Please read (copied and edited).MARRIAGE OF AISHA @ 9
            This is so STRANGE why ?.
            I checked one page on Facebook our bothers where
            busy in argument with Christians
            about the age of our Mother Aisha (R.A) and many of
            us can’t defend our selves on this issue but lemme
            make it clear.
            -while the disbelievers were busy calling
            HIM(Prophet PBUH) a pedophile.
            -the muslims were busy faulting sahih
            bukhari so as to “cover-up” the issue.
            -the aged were like: that’s extremism.
            Aisha radiAllahu anha said, I was given in
            marriage to the rasul salallahu alayhi
            wassalam when I was 6yrs old, and he
            consummated the marriage when I was 9
            ( bukhari)
            Rather than call it a da’eef hadith, to please
            ur non-muslim friends who are insulting ur
            rasool, just be silent,or ask the scholars and
            read more about seerah and perhaps Allah
            may grant u d hikmah behind it.
            Have u ever asked urself?
            Why is it that during the days of quraysh,
            they called the rasul:
            Magician, madman, and the likes but NEVER
            called him a pedophile?
            They never raised any question about his
            marriage to Aisha (R.A), why?
            Bcoz it was NORMAL at that time, girls at
            dat age were suitable for marriage at dat
            time, did u know:
            -saint augustine (350AD) married a 10 year
            old girl!
            -king richard 11 (1400AD) he married a 7yr
            old girl.
            -henry Viii (1500AD) he married a 5yrs old
            Even in the BIBLE it says:
            ….But save for yourself every girl who has never slept
            with a man (numbers 31. 17:28)
            According to the catholic encyclopedia,
            mary the mother of Jesus was 12 when she married
            the 99 years old joseph.
            Before 1929, church of england ministers
            could marry 12yrs old girls in britain.
            Up till 1983, catholic canon laws permitted priests to
            marry off brides at the age of 12.
            In the united states, back in 1880, in the state of
            delaware, the minimum age for marriage was 7yrs
            and in california it was
            So aisha radiAllahu anha was NOT a child when she
            was married!
            We live in a society where good is
            condemned at every slight opportunity but evil is
            encouraged even when its flaws are
            crystal clear.

            How strange
            The Nigerian constitution says:
            An 18yrs old can vote
            An 18yrs old can go to jail
            An 18yrs old can contest for political positions
            An 18yrs old can travel outside d country all alone.
            And YET, an 18yrs old can’t marry?
            But our 12yrs old Girls are having boyfriends !
            Did u know?.
            When safiyyah bint huyay was married to the rasul,
            she was just 17yrs old? And that
            was her THIRD marriage
            She was initially married to salam ibn abi haqiq and
            later to kinanah ibn abi haqiq!.
            Imagine how old she was during her first
            Are u clarified now?

            *Islam is perfect*
            But right now, things hav changed and we shuld do things d way it is.

          • Have read it all and am really impressed..i wish i could get a copy of the Quran…for more enlightenment…i agree with you on the fact that at some points even Christians too where where ignorant … Even killing And forcing people to be Christians…recall the law of Moses was an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
            But Jesus Christ changed all that and brought just two commandments .. which are love your God with all your heart and might
            Love your neighbor as thy self….
            What am i driving it…like you said,there are changes , this generation is not like the old.. it’s time Muslims faithful who are aware that child marriage is inappropriate, too unite and speak to it’s leaders..that part of the religion has to be thoroughly reviewed…if we really want to do things the way it is… religion is meant to giude us and not kill us… therefore credible change is of the essence… updating of teachings, and laws is very important….

          • badmos

            Dat was y I said it is very wide. Nobody can b called a muslim until u believe in who Jesus was and we believe he is a Prophet just like moses, Noah, Abraham, Muhammad and others. It is what d media put to us dat we follow and most of d tins dey tell us is always about d muslim. Some people are just against d muslims and I do tell people dat there are some countries or powerful people who can’t eat without war. Islam is not preached by d sword and datg is y d Quran says ‘no compulsion in Religion’. Pls, get an English Quran and see d truth for urself. Hav been keeping mute for so long cos I believe in one-on-one debate but can’t take it anymore. Jesus said in Matthew dat he didn’t come to abolish d law of Moses but to make it work. They may not tell u all dis.

          • Ok … let’s just leave it at what it is…

        • Olovo Obinna

          The early marriage is supported by religion….

          • badmos

            Okay bro. If u say d religion support it, fine.