10 Real Facts About Actress Rita Dominic You Never Knew (Photos)

The fact that you are here reading this goes to show that you simply can’t get enough of this Nigerian diva. Without any doubt, Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha popularly known as Rita Dominic is one of the most talented and gorgeous women Nigeria and even the world has ever encountered.

She is the definition of a sexy African woman. The 39-year-old has graced our screens year in, year out and many of us have grown up watching and admiring her. She has been in the industry for over 14 years and her energy is still fresh and renewed.

There is something really striking about her sparkling eyes, luscious lips, sultry voice and flawless skin that draws you her way and keeps you glued on-screen. She is a strong actress who understands her screen roles and carries them out with physical and emotional perfection. Off-screen she is widely respected and has a charming personality.

She is mature, eloquent and fierce in her own rights and knows how to handle allegations thrown at her calmly. She has gone on strong, aging gracefully and she keeps inspiring her viewers in unimaginable ways. So let’s enlighten you more on things you should know about your favorite star:

1. Born on July, 12th in the year 1975 She is of a royal bloodline, this being the Royal Waturuocha family in Imo State. Out of 4 siblings, she is the youngest and both her deceased parents were practitioners in the medical field. It goes without saying that she sure is royal. She is fluent in Igbo, English and a little bit of Yoruba.

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