10 Health Benefits Of Unripe Plantain

These are 10 health benefits you’ll be getting from eating unripe plantain.

1. It enriches the heart.

Unripe plantain contains some amount of serotonin which dilates the arteries, improves blood flow and reduces homocysteine (a condition that causes coronary artery disease and stroke).

It richness in potassium makes it heart friendly by preventing heart attack and hypertension through controlling heart rate and blood pressure in our body and cell. Also, it fibre content is great for reducing cholesterols level which reduce the risk of developing any heart diseases.

2. It can treat anemia and neuritis.

It presence of vitamin B6 can help in curing neuritis (inflammation of the nerve), and anemia: a medical condition where someone is having low red blood cells in the blood, which causes weakness.

With inclusive into meal plan and consumption, it can cure anemia and neuritis and serves as preventive measure.

3. It’s a great meal for weight loss and healthy eating.

It’s relatively low in carbohydrates, with high fibre content, essential vitamins and minerals. When consume with lots of vegetable soup and chicken, it makes a great weight loss and healthy meal.

4. Eating unripe plantain helps with circulatory and digestive system. UnripeCooke dPlantain

5. It source of vitamin A, B6 and C helps with better vision, better skin complexion, builds immunity against diseases and free radicals.

6. It helps with bowel movement.

It richness in fibre makes bowel movement easier which also reduce constipation.

7. It makes a great meal for diabetics.

Unripe plantain is very low in sugar compared to ripe or over ripe plantain and this makes it a good choice for diabetes especially when added with other fibre and protein rich food such as green vegetables. Thus, it makes a great choice for preventing diabetes.

8. It helps builds and strengthens stronger bones.

Unripe Plantain is rich in calcium which is the essential mineral needed for stronger bones, muscles, nails and teeth. A healthy meal with unripe plantain inclusive will prevents diseases such as osteoporosis which involves the weakening of the bones and causes fractures.

9. It can prevent ulcer

Various studies conducted have shown that unripe plantain contains phytochemical properties such as leucocyanidin which can prevents ulcer.

10. It boosts sexual performance

Making unripe plantain part of your healthy meal plan will help you in improving sexual performance through increase libido, improve male fertility, thicker sperm and volume.

Food recipes such as unripe plantain with ginger and garlic, roasted or parboil can work wonders.
In conclusion, you can imagine all the health benefits eating unripe plantain does in our body system, can do, all the prevention and diseases it will be curing.

Include unripe plantain into your meal plan today and start having the many medicinal and therapeutic properties it possess.

You can enjoy it cook which is my favorite by parboiling it in other not to relatively kill its nutrients, fry and make into flour for pudding food.hqdefault

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  • chika bibian

    Nice one…Porridge is my favourite

    • Mezzy Gilbert

      On point with smoked fish

      • vivian Ify

        As in eh you sabi am wella

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Roasted with palm oil&peper

  • Mezzy Gilbert

    Yes na true,bc I dey chop am well well

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    Interesting piece of information
    Thanks to admin for letting us know

  • Cornel Nwankwo

    Interesting piece of information
    Thanks to admin for letting us know

  • emekachilaka


  • Definitely man like plantain….we need it

  • Olovo Obinna

    Heheheh…..i love plantain,,,be it ripe or unripe

  • kayode akinsanya

    Very true, thanks for the info.

  • WillieBravo

    This is very good to know, considering that I’m a plantain addict, unripe one for that. Although we dey keep some make them ripe for dodo

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    • Cornel Nwankwo


    • Mezzy Gilbert

      Use show ripe and unripe with smoked fish do porridge, very yummy

      • WillieBravo

        My brother dey flex o. Yay!

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